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                                                          Thank you ...Carol


My Crystal Reiki treatment was very relaxing.  Better still, the effect stayed with me.  For several days I felt very calm and mellow.  I would definitely have the treatment again. L.S.


When Carol did the Crystal Reiki and got to my feet, I felt an instant and strong  warmth radiate from my foot up to my knee. This felt wonderful, as I had been having alot of pain in that area.  I felt so relaxed afterwards.   P.B.


I lead a very hectic lifestyle and am active in sports.  I look forward to the Reflexology with Carol.  It gives me a chance to relax, and I often fall asleep during the treatment. Afterwards, my feet and body feel very light and relaxed.  T.W. 


The Swedish Massage was so very, very relaxing and healing.  It was a nice touch to have a facial that included reflexology.  I had no idea I was holding so much tension in my face.  My massage ended with  reflexology on my feet.  I thought I was floating for awhile.  The effects of this treatment lasted for several days.  D. B.


I was having alot of pain in my jaw after getting my braces adjusted, and forgot to bring my Tylenol.  Carol did some Reiki on my head and ears, and within 10 minutes the pain was gone, and didn't come back.  S. G.